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It's Summertime at Creative Steps!

Every year, our clients and coaches look forward to our Summertime activities! This means more hiking, more exploring and more Malibu Fridays!

Malibu Friday is a Creative Steps program designed by founder, Lisa Szilagyi, integrating clients living in Malibu with their home community, and familiarizing them and community members with one another. We do this by frequenting and interacting with businesses, art venues, and recreation activities. Clients also volunteer for local non-profits, and interact regularly with Pepperdine students on and off campus.

Rolf Henriksson.jpg

A Word About Gala Honoree Rolf Henriksson

Jacob and his parents, Rolf Henriksson and Lisa Jacobs, joined the Creative Steps family in 2014.  Since joining the program, Jacob has begun working on academics, gardening, social skills and even ranch skills in Malibu!  He has also helped to teach the Creative Steps staff sign language and shared his love and talents for word searches and puzzles!

Rolf has raised over $35,000 for the Creative Steps program! He ran the LA marathon not once but five times. Rolf teamed up with Train 4 Autism, a community of athletes who are committed to raising awareness for those living with Autism and their families.  Thank you Rolf, your contributions have made a big difference.

This Year, So Far....jpg

This Year, So Far...

We're almost halfway through 2018, and we've made impressive strides in growing Creative Steps and making sure our program is sustainable for the long term. Below are just a few of the highlights!

Salvation Army
We have a new Volunteer Partnership with Salvation Army!  With support of staff, clients will be responsible for sorting materials and are learning the responsibilities of maintaining  a work schedule!

Clients continue to workout at the YMCA to achieve their long term goal to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Clients work with coaches and with rescued horses and ranch animals to build confidence, social skills and sensory awareness. 

Beach Cruisin'
Clients are renting beach cruisers and trikes in Santa Monica!  We are focusing on recreational learning and social integration. 

Pepperdine Volunteer Center
Clients have just finished another semester of activities with Pepperdine student volunteers/peer mentors, through the Pepperdine Volunteer Center.  This program is a great fit for our Santa Monica and North LA individuals, who get to spend time with their same age peers, on the Pepperdine Campus, learning new cooking techniques, dancing, doing arts and crafts, visiting the on campus museum and more.  Thank you to student volunteer, Jessica Brown, for coordinating this year's activities.