Voyage LA | Creative Steps in Santa Monica, an inspiring story...

Since sharing our story with Voyage LA back in October of last year, Creative Steps (an Aurelia Foundation Program) has made tremendous progress. We have officially established three locations in Los Angeles with our newest location in the South Bay area. We work closely everyday within our all our home communities to offer an individualized program for each individual with moderate to severe disabilities. We’ve create a safe place where these individuals can continue to grow and thrive and learn the necessary skills for greater independence and community engagement.

Voyage LA | Meet Carolina McGilvra of Creative Steps in Santa Monica

Today we’d like to introduce you to Carolina McGilvra.

The Aurelia Foundation was founded in 2010 by a group of parents, all of whom had a son or daughter with a moderate to severe developmental disability. These parents quickly learned that after years of being in a school setting, with a set schedule, the next best step wasn’t clear and there was the very real potential their young adult child would sit at home, isolated, with no chance to continue to learn and grow. In an effort to make sure their young adults could be a part of something more than just that, they created the Aurelia Foundation.

Women’s International Film and TV Showcase | Lisa Szilagyi - United States
Career Achievement Award

Lisa Szilagyi is the recipient of TheWIFTS Foundation Career Achievement Award 2017. The Aurelia Foundation is a testament to her determination and driving impetus for children with special needs to lead a normal life beyond their school years and have the opportunity to be a productive and able addition to business and the workplace. At the core of the Aurelia Foundation belief is the idea that everyone has a fundamental right to be included in community life, a right to have a social life and the ability to continue learning and growing.

Thousand Oaks Acorn | Creative Steps leads to more fulfilling life

When Nikki Finch’s parents learned shortly after she was born that their baby had Down syndrome, the news came as a shock, said her mother, Agoura Hills resident Sandi Finch, but they were determined that their daughter would live a full life.

“We said, ‘Okay, Nikki, you’re going to do everything we do and better,’” Sandi Finch said. “She skis, she bikes, she swims. She had to keep up with us. The only thing she doesn’t do is drive.”